MAIEA, Minami-Alps International Association


Welcome to MAIEA!

We are engaged in various projects for the internationalization and multicultural coexistence of the local community. These include exchanges with sister cities abroad, support for foreign residents learning Japanese, and assistance for Japanese people learning foreign languages.

In our exchanges with sister cities, we promote exchange programs with foreign cities that Minami Alps City is engaged in (currently with Marshalltown and Winterset in the state of Iowa, USA), fostering cultural experiences and generating interest in English for children as well as contributing to the promotion of international understanding in the community.

 Currently, there are over 1,000 foreign residents living in Minami Alps City. In order to support their Japanese language learning, we hold "Japanese Language Salons" throughout the year. They are not only for mere language study but also for providing opportunities for interaction with foreign residents living in various areas of the city, as well as with those who have come to this region for work or other purposes.

Furthermore, we offer "Foreign Language Classes" for residents both inside and outside the city, provide information and promote communication for foreigners living in the area, and organize "Multicultural Exchange Events" to foster internationalization and cultural exchange in the community.

Why not join us in activities with foreigners and local community members while having fun together?


About Us

Name: MAIEA: Minami Alps International Exchange Association

Kushigata Social Welfare Hall, 471-8 Ogasawara, Minami Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Phone #: 


Our history On April 1, 2003, six towns and villages (Hatta Village, Shirane Town, Ashiyasu Village, Wakakusa Town, Kushigata Town, Kosai Town) merged to form Minami Alps City. Our association was established on June 26 of the same year as a voluntary organization to promote international exchange.
Our projects:  Sister city exchange projects, Japanese language classes (Japanese Salon), foreign language classes, multicultural coexistence events (experiencing Japanese and foreign cultures, such as Halloween, Christmas, etc.)
Greeting from the president:

"It's wonderful that you've made the decision to go to America." I sent these words to junior high school students who applied for a sister city exchange program, commending their courageous decision to take action. As globalization progresses, our association regularly holds Japanese Salons for foreign nationals living in the city, as well as foreign language classes such as English, Spanish, and Chinese for citizens. Furthermore, through events such as seasonal events like Halloween and Christmas and experiencing various countries' cuisines, we enrich opportunities for learning different cultures and international exchanges. If you are interested in these activities, please feel free to contact the association. We look forward to hearing from you.

Minami Alps International Exchange Association

President: Jiro Watanabe


We are currently recruiting individual and corporate members. The registration methods are as follows:

Membership registration: Please fill out the "Contact Us" form with your address, name, contact phone number, and email address, and write "Membership Registration Request" on it. You can also come directly to the association and complete the registration process.

The annual membership fee is as follows:

Individual members: 2,000 yen per unit

Corporate members: 10,000 yen per unit

Membership benefits: Members can enjoy the following benefits: 1) Receive information quickly through the MAIEA newsletter issued monthly, 2) Free Japanese Salon tuition, 3) Early reservation acceptance and special discounts on language class tuition fees, 4) Discounts on event participation fees and early reservation acceptance.
Volunteer recruitment:

We are recruiting the following volunteers. Please contact us by email or phone.

Japanese Salon Volunteers: Teach Japanese to foreigners who want to learn Japanese in simple Japanese. The Salon is held 30 times a year on Saturdays from 9:45 am to 11:45 am. If you would like to observe before participating, please let us know when you plan to come beforehand. No qualifications are required.

Interpreters and Translators: Interpreters and translators for foreign languages ​​and Japanese. No qualifications required.

Host Families: We are recruiting host families for students participating in summer sister city exchanges. There is no need to have junior high school students as counterparts in your family.

Event Assistances: "MAIEA Team" Anyone who can give helping hands even a little in event planning, preparation, operation, photography, etc., Many adult and students are currently registered. Why not join us?



Aside from phones or showing up, you can also contact us through the "Contact Us" page on this site.